NDAssist v3 Features


  • Cross-platform - Install V3 on Windows XP, Vista & 7 or Mac OSX.
  • Multiple computers - Install V3 on unlimited number of computers owned by a single user.
  • Online Access Search -NDAssist using a web browser.
  • NEW User-friendly - V3 was re-designed to create a faster, more efficient, content-rich database.


  • NEW Full text search - Search records in all categories, simultaneously.
  • NEW Boolean Operators - Refine your search by using various operator terms (e.g. ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘*’, etc.).
  • NEW Filter - Filter by categories (e.g. ‘Botanicals’) and terms (e.g. ‘Actions’).

Custom records

  • Personal records Create your own records for ‘Conditions and Treatments’.
  • NEW Clipboard - Mark and store search results onto numerous personalized clipboards.
  • COMING Comments - Add your own comments to records that were previously protected (e.g. products).


  • Version 3 was redesigned so that the platform and data-files have been separated allowing for simple updating
  • NEW Content Updates -Import new records regularly, directly into the V3.
  • NEW Platform Updates - Download & install interface changes wthout affecting data.


  • PubMed View research abstracts referenced within the database.
  • NEW Company Website - Access company websites without having to exit the program.
  • COMING Product Pricing - Download company price lists.
  • COMING Promotional -Offers View promotional offers from companies.


  • COMING Share - Import and export records created by other users.
  • COMING Clincial pearls - Share clincial experiences with other users.