Instructions for Submitting Your Products

How do I submit my product information?

There are several ways to submit your product information:

  • Download and complete the "NDAssist Product Spreadsheet" - requires you to cut and paste from text files
  • Export content from your own database or website - we can review it and see if it can be directly imported in NDAssist to minimize manual labour
  • Add and edit products online - you must request an account and password from us
  • Get NDAssist to transfer the data - for a nominal fee ($50-100) we can transfer your data from a text file to our database

Product fields

The product information is divided into specific fields. The separation allows users to

The search results display the found records in order of where the search term is found. The following is a list of the field that appear in NDAssist in the order in which they are searched and results ranked:

  • Name -
  • Code - ordering indentification number
  • Country - products can be filtered by the country they are sold in (e.g. Canada and/or USA)
  • Retail and/or Profesionals - who can sell the products
  • NPN - Natural Product Number (NPN) or Homeopathic Medicine Number (DIN-HM)
  • Key words - hidden field that allows you to add additional search terms (e.g. conditions and/or ingredients) to increase hits
  • Indications - what the product is used for
  • Ingredients - what the product contains
  • Description - details on the ingredients and how they work
  • Amount - how much product (e.g. 60 tabs)
  • Recommendations - instructions for taking the product (i.e. dosage)
  • Safety - any cautions, contra-indications or drug interactions
  • Referencences - works cited
  • Image URL - he web address of the product image location (e.g.

Note: If you would prefer that we enter your data for you, please contact us for a quote for these services

Download Product Spreadsheet